Prints ready.

Prints are ready to ship ! Kinda just doing a trial run so there is less than 20 of each and less than 10 available for the Integra prints. $25.00 + 7.00 shipping by USPS. Prints are on 80 pound paper. All are bagged in archival mylar bags that can re-used. These will ship flat. Email me what you want at drop jay@mac.com and I’ll give you PAYPAL info. Thanks for the support everyone. It is always appreciated.


Post Hobby

Karen was all over Japan this time around. She accidentally found Post Hobby in a random mall. Pretty much an ultimate die-cast car mecca. She sent me some pics but I told her to get the Fuck out of there before she destroyed my wallet LOL! They even had a F1 board showing everyone’s position so far this year.

Here some pics.



















Insane right ! I’m glad i told her to get out of there. LOL!

One shot

The Evo went through a two day detail last weekend. It’s actually getting a few more touch ups this coming weekend. My good friend Ryan who uses all Chemical Guy products did all the work and also helps me maintain the FR-S. Hit him up for your detail needs. He does full details and paint corrections. He’s the best. ryanromaine@yahoo.com. I shot some pics of the car when it came back. Just some quickies. I liked this one.


ASM S2000

Sorry for this going up so late. Been a little busy with work. Karen was lucky enough to sweet talk the ASM manager into seeing their ASM S2K up close. Here is the pics from that. I didn’t correct any of these pics so they are a little dark.

Lucky ass Karen !



Some motor shots




Mmm.. Toda.image-42


Karen was even allowed to open up the interior and check things out. All Business.







Karen said it was really dark in the garage so she did her best. Peep real quality. This carbon trunk is to die for.





Some exterior shots.















basically Karen’s trip to ASM. She was stoked she checked it out. I even got some nice goodies from it. Check out my Instagram for that at JUDSON BRYAN. Thanks for looking. Next up some pics from Post Hobby Japan store.

ASM. Yokohama Japan.

Karen is at it again in Japan. This time she went and took a look at ASM Japan. If you don’t know who ASM is and what they do. Stop reading this blog now and go check out Canibeat I guess. I’m gonna start slow and try and do another post this weekend.


image 38

ASm 1image


Karen peeping out one of the raddest places on the planet.


image 18


ASM Showroom of Recaro goodness


image 17

image 33


Albert & Wendy you need to step to the plate for Chase ! LOL!

image 21


More good stuff.




image-13 image 35 image 33 image 25 image 24 image 22


image 20I’ll continue this post hopefully this weekend.



this happened out of nowhere

I’ve been asked a lot why I don’t do any prints of my work and I really don’t have an answer when I am asked this. I finally decided to stop being lazy and do some prints. I found a great printer in town so that should move things along faster. Just getting the shipping supplies and what not so I can start selling these. I will post info soon on how to get them when I figure out how I can ship them safely. The first run of the Evo is 11 X17 on 80 lbs. paper. The first batch there will be only 20 available signed and numbered. I will NOT reprint these. The 2nd print will be even less than 20. I’ll keep that print under wraps but you can find it on my Instagram.

This is my first endeavor after selling JDMEGO. I told myself  I wouldn’t  do this shit again but here I am. FML.


Little update

Been all up in the FR-S again. I decided a few moths back that I needed the new Advan RG III wheel on the car. They looked so good on the Runduce 86 demo car that I just had to do it. I secured a buyer for the old wheels and had made the Advan wheel order when i picked up my Mu brakes. So everything was set. This also gave me a chance to get the new Advan Neova R tires. They were not released yet when I put the first set of Work rims on so I just went with the old ones. I ordered the R’s from Evasive and just sat and waited until everything came in.

Everything arrived and I just sat on everything for over a month. LOL! It’s a pain to get to Evasive because I live in the boonies but I finally made an appointment with Mike and headed out. I don’t have any good pics from the Evasive visit but I will say I thought I had made a huge mistake when I saw the rims on for the first time. LOL! I was like… I fucked up bad. LOL! Just wasn’t feeling the RG’s right off the bat. By the weekend though I started digging them. The gloss finish is really nice. My detailer waxed them when he detailed the car and they look like black diamonds now.

After the detail with my buddy Ryan this past Saturday I snapped some quick pics in front of the crib. Here is the lousy photos from that.

The wheels look gigantic on the car in this pic. Bad angle I guess.


Thats more like it.






I also installed some TODA Racing pulleys that made a little difference off the line. No pics though unless you follow me on instagram here. Odds and ends I haven’t covered here are all on my instagram pretty much.

Last night My buddy installed a new Harness bar but there are still a few snags to work out on that little project still. This coming weekend we should be able to button up the quirks. My Buddy Marvin is also going to install the Koyo Radiator, Beatrush labile front bar, and FINALLY my JDM Headlights that my buddy Noel scored for me. I can’t wait to get those on. Only a few more things to go and I am gonna put a fork in this project and call it done. I’m thinking by the end of the coming summer the 86 should be where I want it. We all know how that goes though.

Thanks for reading my bad grammar and run-on sentences. Happy Monday !


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