Boss Auto Produce and Goodbye 2012

Just when you think your fully tired of fucking matte black cars… Auto Produce/Varis widebody STi. Damn. Those Prodrive wheels are so hard.

sti 2photo

sti 1photo


Sorry for all the Minkara posts. I know that shit gets old. 2013 is NOT going to be the year of JDMEGO. I don’t much give a fuck about this blog much anymore. I do appreciate everyone who still stops by and pics up a plate frame and a sticker and I loved all the collabs we did with friends in 2012. I had a fun year doing JDMEGO. With taxes getting raised on small business I don’t really want to sell you a $18.00 plate frame and what not. LOL!  I have found out it’s a total bitch to shut down a business. I think it was easier to start the LLC. LOL! Gotta love America.

I love cars and I still do probably more than ever. I have totally fallen in love with my FR-S. It’s such a fun car to drive. I was hoping it would spark interest in giving this blog a kick in the ass but in reality I just wanna go driving more and not sit here and show a Minkara pic that I like. LOL! So Lame. It was fun making new friends this year and checking out some car shows which I had not done in years. It’s also great being at Fatlace now and working with like minded people. Fatlace/Illest is taking up at lot of time now which is not a bad thing. Keeping busy doing design work at home is a dream come true.

I guess where I’m going with this all is that JDMEGO is gonna go pretty quiet in 2013. Hopefully knock a few more build blogs on the FR-S and maybe make a sticker and t-shirt here and there but I have no delusions that this is gonna be the year to dominate !!! LOL! Yeah..not even close. Never really was the plan though. I just wanna have fun with my cars and kick it with good friends. If you wanna support me please support Fatlace and Illest. That place gives me a check every month and it is a good place to be for myself and what I do for a living.

Thanks to all my friends and followers for a great 2012. Lets hope 2013 is even better and or kills us all once and for all.

Thanks everyone.





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