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Prints ready.

Prints are ready to ship ! Kinda just doing a trial run so there is less than 20 of each and less than 10 available for the Integra prints. $25.00 + 7.00 shipping by USPS. Prints are on 80 pound paper. All are bagged in archival mylar bags that can re-used. These will ship flat. Email me what you want at drop jay@mac.com and I’ll give you PAYPAL info. Thanks for the support everyone. It is always appreciated.


Post Hobby

Karen was all over Japan this time around. She accidentally found Post Hobby in a random mall. Pretty much an ultimate die-cast car mecca. She sent me some pics but I told her to get the Fuck out of there before she destroyed my wallet LOL! They even had a F1 board showing everyone’s position so far this year.

Here some pics.



















Insane right ! I’m glad i told her to get out of there. LOL!

One shot

The Evo went through a two day detail last weekend. It’s actually getting a few more touch ups this coming weekend. My good friend Ryan who uses all Chemical Guy products did all the work and also helps me maintain the FR-S. Hit him up for your detail needs. He does full details and paint corrections. He’s the best. ryanromaine@yahoo.com. I shot some pics of the car when it came back. Just some quickies. I liked this one.


ASM S2000

Sorry for this going up so late. Been a little busy with work. Karen was lucky enough to sweet talk the ASM manager into seeing their ASM S2K up close. Here is the pics from that. I didn’t correct any of these pics so they are a little dark.

Lucky ass Karen !



Some motor shots




Mmm.. Toda.image-42


Karen was even allowed to open up the interior and check things out. All Business.







Karen said it was really dark in the garage so she did her best. Peep real quality. This carbon trunk is to die for.





Some exterior shots.















basically Karen’s trip to ASM. She was stoked she checked it out. I even got some nice goodies from it. Check out my Instagram for that at JUDSON BRYAN. Thanks for looking. Next up some pics from Post Hobby Japan store.

ASM. Yokohama Japan.

Karen is at it again in Japan. This time she went and took a look at ASM Japan. If you don’t know who ASM is and what they do. Stop reading this blog now and go check out Canibeat I guess. I’m gonna start slow and try and do another post this weekend.


image 38

ASm 1image


Karen peeping out one of the raddest places on the planet.


image 18


ASM Showroom of Recaro goodness


image 17

image 33


Albert & Wendy you need to step to the plate for Chase ! LOL!

image 21


More good stuff.




image-13 image 35 image 33 image 25 image 24 image 22


image 20I’ll continue this post hopefully this weekend.



this happened out of nowhere

I’ve been asked a lot why I don’t do any prints of my work and I really don’t have an answer when I am asked this. I finally decided to stop being lazy and do some prints. I found a great printer in town so that should move things along faster. Just getting the shipping supplies and what not so I can start selling these. I will post info soon on how to get them when I figure out how I can ship them safely. The first run of the Evo is 11 X17 on 80 lbs. paper. The first batch there will be only 20 available signed and numbered. I will NOT reprint these. The 2nd print will be even less than 20. I’ll keep that print under wraps but you can find it on my Instagram.

This is my first endeavor after selling JDMEGO. I told myself  I wouldn’t  do this shit again but here I am. FML.


Little update

Been all up in the FR-S again. I decided a few moths back that I needed the new Advan RG III wheel on the car. They looked so good on the Runduce 86 demo car that I just had to do it. I secured a buyer for the old wheels and had made the Advan wheel order when i picked up my Mu brakes. So everything was set. This also gave me a chance to get the new Advan Neova R tires. They were not released yet when I put the first set of Work rims on so I just went with the old ones. I ordered the R’s from Evasive and just sat and waited until everything came in.

Everything arrived and I just sat on everything for over a month. LOL! It’s a pain to get to Evasive because I live in the boonies but I finally made an appointment with Mike and headed out. I don’t have any good pics from the Evasive visit but I will say I thought I had made a huge mistake when I saw the rims on for the first time. LOL! I was like… I fucked up bad. LOL! Just wasn’t feeling the RG’s right off the bat. By the weekend though I started digging them. The gloss finish is really nice. My detailer waxed them when he detailed the car and they look like black diamonds now.

After the detail with my buddy Ryan this past Saturday I snapped some quick pics in front of the crib. Here is the lousy photos from that.

The wheels look gigantic on the car in this pic. Bad angle I guess.


Thats more like it.






I also installed some TODA Racing pulleys that made a little difference off the line. No pics though unless you follow me on instagram here. Odds and ends I haven’t covered here are all on my instagram pretty much.

Last night My buddy installed a new Harness bar but there are still a few snags to work out on that little project still. This coming weekend we should be able to button up the quirks. My Buddy Marvin is also going to install the Koyo Radiator, Beatrush labile front bar, and FINALLY my JDM Headlights that my buddy Noel scored for me. I can’t wait to get those on. Only a few more things to go and I am gonna put a fork in this project and call it done. I’m thinking by the end of the coming summer the 86 should be where I want it. We all know how that goes though.

Thanks for reading my bad grammar and run-on sentences. Happy Monday !


This Endless BMW Z just looks so mean. Classic livery and all. I’m guessing it is a Super Taikyu car ? pics again from Rob Shaw for Bimmerpost forums.

TAS14 Endless-004


TAS14 Endless-001


This is all kinds of awesome.

I like it.

Before we get started. I’ll just put this out there.


I really dig the new STI. I like it A LOT!. I love when something gets released and the car nerds of the internet cry foul. It cracks me up to no end. Grown men instantly turn into fucking babies as their beloved favorite car evolves into something that doesn’t worry about their narrow minded views. I’m ready to sell everything and get one. LOL! Anyway, My good friend Rob Shaw who resides in Japan sent over these great pics of the new Subaru STI in race form and it just solidified for me how awesome this car can look with some tender loving tuning care.

Here some pics from Rob from Back From Leave. You can also peep out his work on 7tune.com. Thanks for the love Rob !

TAS Day1 -002 TAS Day1 -003 TAS Day1 -005 TAS Day1 -006 TAS Day1 -007 TAS Day1 -008So as usual the internet can go fuck itself.


long time followers

I recently got a email from a long time follower of the blog. Steve Warren. He has always supported the blog and the store for years. I recognized his name immediately when he emailed me recently. I just wanted to show off his car. it’s pretty tight. All legit. Good stuff. Thanks for the email Steve !

Parts List:

Full Vertex aero (front and rear bumpers, sides)

Ings+1 carbon fiber hood w/ custom cherry blossom and japanese tattoo airbrushing

C-West carbon fiber GT wing
Vertex “Vertex of Vertex” steering wheel on Works Bell limited ed. Team Yoshioka QR and short hub
Bride Euro II seats
ARC titanium shift knob
Zeal Function XS coilovers
Brembo 6-piston GT bbk in front
Garson Deep Racing Ryugi wheels
ARC intake, suction pipe, oil and radiator caps, v2 catch can, and radiator cooling panel
1 2 6 8 11 luke1 zwide


When I was over at Fatlace I did this awhile back. They finally released it on tees and sweatshirts. This was is one of my fav drawings. Please support my homies over at Fatlace and grab one on their online store. Thank you.

SS Oni Kyan art


I didn’t have to many SEMA projects this year to deal with but I ended doing this render for Gordon Ting. Just a nice and clean new IS F-Sport. I dug how this came out. The drawing of that grill almost put me in the nuthouse though. LOL! Hope to see this in the flesh at SEMA this week.

Lexus SEMA project


I can’t even count how many SCION FR-S I have drawn this past year but here is probably my favorite one for Mackin who is the Gram Lights Distributor for the US. These will be out soon. Not sure if they will be for sale or not.

Gram lights FR-S Deck artwork

It’s been my busiest year yet. Thanks to everyone who i worked with. I appreciate the business and the friendships.

The Chronicles V meet

I’ll have some coverage of the Chronicles V meet up soon I hope. Here is a rad pic of my dusty ass FR-S that this nice dude took. Peep his blog for more Chronicles V coverage http://www.flikazo.blogspot.com

Thanks for the great pic sir !


Happy LATE Halloween !

Peep out my friend Mark’s son Hunter rocking the Initial D steez. I sent mark the front Corrolla drawing to use. I think Hunter was stoked.


This past week…

CRAZY. last week was just plain crazy. From the previous post you know that the FR-s was at Evasive. I now have some really nice shots Evasive took of the car which I will post in this blog. Between getting the car back home in time for The Chronicles V anniversary meet. Trying to set everything up to get engaged at The Chronicles V meet to my lovely girlfriend of 9 years. I’m a mess. Knocking out my daily job between all the madness and now scrambling to get work done to maybe go check out SEMA this week. Yay and stuff.

Here are the pics I promised. I have to Thank everyone at Evasive, Mackin,and Emergency Hookers for getting everything done on time. They even managed to get the New Leather Recaro Pole position seats in at the last minute before Emergency Hookers arrived to get the new and improved beast back to me.

Thanks for everyones help ! It is appreciated. True friends.

A little recap of what went down at Evasive.

1. Craft Square carbon GT mirrors

2. Cleib Rear carbon Diffuser

3. Driveshaft shop Carbon drive shaft.

4. Project MU brakes front and rear, 4 piston fronts and 2 piston rears. These things are straight amazing. Had fun bedding them in Friday. night.

5. Recaro Leather Pole Position seats. This was super last minute and cost me a small fortune. Would Like to say I HATE Mike Chang of Evasive for talking me into these. LOL! Thanks for the hookup Mike.

Car is not done but this is about it for this year. Next year we start figuring out the motor and some small things in the interior. Thanks for looking everyone !

The pics


The new Recaros are soooooo nice. Really comfortable for a fixed seat.IMG_0940_zps7a7c8ce0 IMG_0886_zps59010b63 IMG_0880_zpsf5747a0d

Of couse when the pics were posted on a forum some douchebag was wondering why not much has been done to the motor. these things take time and series money to do right people. Jeez.

IMG_0831_zps4e8c13e3Here is ice detail pic of the Craft Square GT mirrors. love these. The air shipping price on these made sure i will be eating off the dollar menu at Mcdonalds for the next few months.

IMG_0775_zps6578b181 IMG_0763_zpsc8d2d86bIMG_0733_zpsd7cbb8be-1 IMG_0726_zps3c701e74 22_zpsd7b2801d 19_zpsee3f75f6 18_zps7a253210

Great shot of the under side of the car. You can see a lot of my money went into suspension work. I think this is the best part of the FR-S and I really wanted it to be right. Shout out to Chris over at KW and Cusco USA for all their help in getting the right parts for the job. And before yoou email the question it is a Arqray exhaust. You can also see the rear Project MU 2 piston brakes.13_zps722a5d9c 06_zps7cc04361

A huge thank you to Eddie at Mackin for making this brake setup happen. Couldn’t be more happy with the Brakes. Absolutely beautiful. They work pretty damn good to. LOL!04_zps189a9ff1 IMG_0886_zps59010b63There you have it. More to come.

Evasive Action

The FR-S was sent early in the morning to Evasive Motorsports for a big overhaul. Emergency Hookers came and picked up the car around 8:30am and was off for some stuff that has been on order from Japan for quite some time.

Evasive helped me obtain the following items for the FR-S.

1. Cleib Carbon rear diffuser

2. Driveshaft shop Carbon Drive shaft

3. Craft Square Carbon GT mirrors. (This cost a pretty penny because Evasive air shipped them from Japan) I also got lucky because these are made to order but it just so happened they had one set in stock.

4. Last but not least. Front and rear Project Mu BBK. These were special because they were not even supposed to be here before SEMA. They made it early though. Big Thank you to Mackin who is basically Project MU USA. More info on these later

I’m not going into details on this post on everything. I don’t even have the car back yet. When it does get back i will take better pics. Mike at Evasive shot all these upon my request while the car was being worked. Thanks to Mike and everyone at Evasive for their great work on the car and getting the parts in a timely manner.

Here is the unedited pics from yesterday that I flooded Instagram with LOL! Sorry everyone. I still get really excited when I mess with cars.

Enjoy. Better pics coming soon.

20131030_175131 1399766_10202271660376749_1135102140_o 20131030_175140 20131030_175153 20131030_175254 20131030_183518 20131030_183541 20131030_183550 20131030_183605 20131030_183618


Neglect is what this whole blog is about. LOL! no Worries. Things are happening so i will do my best to get some coverage.

 FR-S project is in full tilt mode right now.

Here is a teaser.


Outsiders are gonna Be at Motor Union Sunday.

Hope everyone is coming out to Motor Union on Sunday. It’s gonna be a blast ! Come peep out the FR-s and tell me it sucks !


JDMEGO EVO Skate decks

THese are going pretty fast. A few still available HERE. Thanks for the support everyone. Always Appreciated.


My Boy Blue.

Sorry for all this slowness. I pretty much have 0 time to blog. Between the 9-5 job, Freelance, Crazy ass dogs, and life in general I have no more strength at night to blog on here. I’ve recently got a kick in the ass with the new JDMEGO online store opening soon and the release of the first JDMEGO skateboard. Super stoked on things lately. Pretty blessed right now to have a solid group of friend around me to help with things and push my boundaries. Karen and I have have been making great changes in our daily lives that are making us a lot more happy to be alive.

Speaking of alive. The FR-S has been going through some serious changes. After finally completing the suspension setup from KW Clubsport coilovers all the way down to Moonface roll center adjusters. Also a TON of Cusco in between all that craze. Point is that I’m starting to change the exterior of the car now. With big help from Mike at Evasive Motor sports I got laced with some realy nice Tamon Design aero and a beautiful Voltex T1S wing.  Basically this all means I have officially fucked up my daily driver. Shit.

Maybe I will put a complete list of stuff that has gone on the car already. maybe not. Snapped some pics today of the beast. Slow beast that is. Also, Big UPS to Marvin, Marcus, And Marcus’ Dad for all the help yesterday in getting everything right. I have to say I’m pretty happy with the car right now but of course all I can really see is what else I want to accomplish.

Never ending.


IMG_1033 IMG_1034 IMG_1035 IMG_1037 IMG_1038 IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1041IMG_1044 IMG_1045 IMG_1047 IMG_1050

Thanks for looking. More soon.

Hako Spaceship

Sign me up on the great Space Coaster ! Happy 4th everyone ! I have some posts coming hopefully soon. I know. I suck.


Arise Sports Aero

Came across this in the new Revspeed.

Arise Sports aero for the FR-S/BRZ. Looks really good.







Fun times were had last year at this show.

MU Flyer 2013_Front


So this happened. The Evo will be on the next Super Street cover. 2nd cover in 7 years. I’ll post the Import Tuner cover later. Big thanks to Johnathan Wong and Joey Lee And Matthew Jones for making this happen.

I’m really stoked. It pays to stick with your project. And NO we will not be parting the Evo out after it’s 2nd cover. LOL!



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