This Endless BMW Z just looks so mean. Classic livery and all. I’m guessing it is a Super Taikyu car ? pics again from Rob Shaw for Bimmerpost forums.

TAS14 Endless-004


TAS14 Endless-001


This is all kinds of awesome.

I like it.

Before we get started. I’ll just put this out there.


I really dig the new STI. I like it A LOT!. I love when something gets released and the car nerds of the internet cry foul. It cracks me up to no end. Grown men instantly turn into fucking babies as their beloved favorite car evolves into something that doesn’t worry about their narrow minded views. I’m ready to sell everything and get one. LOL! Anyway, My good friend Rob Shaw who resides in Japan sent over these great pics of the new Subaru STI in race form and it just solidified for me how awesome this car can look with some tender loving tuning care.

Here some pics from Rob from Back From Leave. You can also peep out his work on 7tune.com. Thanks for the love Rob !

TAS Day1 -002 TAS Day1 -003 TAS Day1 -005 TAS Day1 -006 TAS Day1 -007 TAS Day1 -008So as usual the internet can go fuck itself.


long time followers

I recently got a email from a long time follower of the blog. Steve Warren. He has always supported the blog and the store for years. I recognized his name immediately when he emailed me recently. I just wanted to show off his car. it’s pretty tight. All legit. Good stuff. Thanks for the email Steve !

Parts List:

Full Vertex aero (front and rear bumpers, sides)

Ings+1 carbon fiber hood w/ custom cherry blossom and japanese tattoo airbrushing

C-West carbon fiber GT wing
Vertex “Vertex of Vertex” steering wheel on Works Bell limited ed. Team Yoshioka QR and short hub
Bride Euro II seats
ARC titanium shift knob
Zeal Function XS coilovers
Brembo 6-piston GT bbk in front
Garson Deep Racing Ryugi wheels
ARC intake, suction pipe, oil and radiator caps, v2 catch can, and radiator cooling panel
1 2 6 8 11 luke1 zwide


When I was over at Fatlace I did this awhile back. They finally released it on tees and sweatshirts. This was is one of my fav drawings. Please support my homies over at Fatlace and grab one on their online store. Thank you.

SS Oni Kyan art


I didn’t have to many SEMA projects this year to deal with but I ended doing this render for Gordon Ting. Just a nice and clean new IS F-Sport. I dug how this came out. The drawing of that grill almost put me in the nuthouse though. LOL! Hope to see this in the flesh at SEMA this week.

Lexus SEMA project


I can’t even count how many SCION FR-S I have drawn this past year but here is probably my favorite one for Mackin who is the Gram Lights Distributor for the US. These will be out soon. Not sure if they will be for sale or not.

Gram lights FR-S Deck artwork

It’s been my busiest year yet. Thanks to everyone who i worked with. I appreciate the business and the friendships.

The Chronicles V meet

I’ll have some coverage of the Chronicles V meet up soon I hope. Here is a rad pic of my dusty ass FR-S that this nice dude took. Peep his blog for more Chronicles V coverage¬†http://www.flikazo.blogspot.com

Thanks for the great pic sir !


Happy LATE Halloween !

Peep out my friend Mark’s son Hunter rocking the Initial D steez. I sent mark the front Corrolla drawing to use. I think Hunter was stoked.



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